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Tutorials on How to Use the JVC GY 100s

Here are a few tutorials on how to use our video cameras, generously created and posted by JVC Professional Europe

First video on the different components of the GY 100.

Part two, on how to format media and set the camera up

Part three, on how to charge, install and remove the battery. Setting recording format.

Part Four, on how to shoot in full auto.

Part Five, on shooting in manual.

Part Six, on exposure (iris, shutter, white balance and gain).

Part Seven, on manual exposure.

Part eight, on exposure in automatic AE +/-

Part nine, on how to customize the gain.

Part ten, on how to preset the white balance.

Part eleven, on how to use the zebra.

Part twelve, on how to capture better audio.

Part thirteen, on how to bring your files to your computer.