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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Adding Clips, Effects, Color Correction and Exporting Projects in Final Cut Pro X

Adding clips to your Final Cut Pro X project is very simple, and here’s how you do it. Do you need to add some transitions? Check out this clip. Do you need to modify your audio adding effects? Watch this video: If you want to add some effects to your clips, you should watch this […]

Audio and video for the web: beyond redundancy

Sometimes video as part of a multimedia piece overlaps with the written part of the story, like in this piece from the New York Times. Some other times, video and audio show an aspect of the story that was hard or impossible to reveal in words.

Narrative Leads

A lead is an invitation, a tease, bait. A lead is the net you cast out to catch your readers in an ocean of electronic distractions. The stronger and wider your lead, the more readers it will catch. So far we have worked with straight-forward news leads, inverted pyramids and teasers. But I would now […]

Interviewing Techniques

Interviewing is almost an art. And some people simply excel at it because they know how to engage their interviewees, making them feel comfortable and safe while asking the hardest questions. Although the interview is a collaborative effort, you will immediately notice that this collaboration has its own rules. Even when sometimes both interviewer and […]