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Setting up your Nikon D7100

Here are two excellent tutorials by PhotographersOnUTube, that will help you navigate the Nikon’s D7100 mainly to get your settings straight for still photo. Please check them out and read below the basic settings we will be using in class and for assignments. Part 1: Part 2:   1- Creating a “Photo” folder in your […]

Working with photos: Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop

So, there are three easy steps I normally use to edit photos and make them ready for the web. In these two tutorials I walk you through them. Please follow these steps before uploading your images to Ithaca Week. This first video shows you how to import your photos using Bridge, and then add meta-data […]

A Few Photo Tips: Framing and Shooting, Histograms, How to Best Use our Cannon 10Ds

As promised, here are a few links that you may find useful when producing and shooting your stories for a slideshow. Framing and Shooting 1- Here are some basic tips on how to frame, find angles and shoot your stills. These are recommendations compiled by prof Duy Linh Tu. –Horizontal shots are always preferable to […]