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Category Archives: Wordpress

Creating an HTML 5 Button with Adobe Animate

In this post, I will quickly tell you a few differences between Adobe Flash and Adobe Animate regarding how to create and publish animations in WordPress. 1- Creating an HTML 5 button with Adobe Animate. 2-How to FTP your project and embed it in a WP post.

Google Drive and WordPress for Ithaca Week

In this series of videos I will show you how to how to work in Ithaca Week using Google Drive and WordPress. This first movie will show you how to add our shared folders to your Google Drive, how to create and share a new document, and how to write comments in it.   In […]

Uploading Your Audio to SoundCloud

Here I created a mini tutorial on how to upload your audio stories to SoundCloud, which is very, very easy. In the second part of this video you can see how to create the embedding code to use the audio file in WordPress.  

Three things you should change in your personal WordPress blogs

Here I leave you a brief tutorial that explains in a few steps the three things you should customize in the personal WordPress blog you will be using for my class.

What you need to do to register to Ithaca Week

Hello Class! Below you can find a video tutorial that tells you step by step how to register to our weekly magazine If there are questions or comments, or there are still issues that need to be explained a little further, please shoot me an e-mail or post a comment here, whatever you prefer. […]