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Remote video and audio strategies

Gathering good quality audio for your video stories Class, as you know, COVID-19 is limiting the range of our reporting to a certain degree. And when we are talking about video reporting/postcards, this could be rather problematic. I wanted to share with you a few ideas to produce video pieces remotely, even without direct contact […]

DaVinci Resolve: profesional video editing freeware

Master Phil Altiere of Stony Brook Journalism created these four tutorials to kickstart anybody with minimum skills into DaVinci Resolve a really powerful tool for non-linear video editing. The tutorials are simple and clear. Thank you Phil! Transitioning from Premiere to DaVinci Resolve: Audio levels in DaVinci and how to create an audio mix: Working […]

Hit the ground running with Final Cut Pro X

In these tutorials you will learn some basic ideas on how to edit video with Final Cut Pro X. From importing your media to exporting your project, all the basics you need to know in order to create your video project are here. In this first video you can learn about the basics of your […]

Shooting video on the D7000

Thanks to Nice Lady Productions, here’s a quick tutorial of how to shoot vide using the Nikon D7000. A somewhat more detailed video, here, from thinkingmediatv.

Avid Media Composer: Eight Videos to Hit the Ground Running

This series of videos will help you set up your project using AVID Media Composer. Some of the more refined commands will be explained in class, but here are the basic ideas you will need to get started with AVID. In this video I show you how to set up your AVID user and where […]

Adding Clips, Effects, Color Correction and Exporting Projects in Final Cut Pro X

Adding clips to your Final Cut Pro X project is very simple, and here’s how you do it. Do you need to add some transitions? Check out this clip. Do you need to modify your audio adding effects? Watch this video: If you want to add some effects to your clips, you should watch this […]

Audio and video for the web: beyond redundancy

Sometimes video as part of a multimedia piece overlaps with the written part of the story, like in this piece from the New York Times. Some other times, video and audio show an aspect of the story that was hard or impossible to reveal in words.

Tutorials on How to Use the JVC GY 100s

Here are a few tutorials on how to use our video cameras, generously created and posted by JVC Professional Europe First video on the different components of the GY 100. Part two, on how to format media and set the camera up Part three, on how to charge, install and remove the battery. Setting recording […]