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Category Archives: Slideshows

New Slideshows from Barcelona (2014)

Sombrerería (by Annalisa Palumbo and Giulia Carrarini) Chichón, el Payaso (by Felipe González, Roble Ramírez and María Rosa Verdejo) Gonzalo y su Saxofón (by Blanca Navarro and Nina Raquel) Líneas Indelebles (by Adriano Luciani, Ana Matyszczyk and Camila Aristizábal) El Templo de Gundicia (by Carla Fajardo, Monica Pelliccia, Giorgia Wizemann) El Sueño de un Pescador […]

New Projects from Catalonia (2013)

Here are a few more examples of the work of my masters students in Barcelona, Catalonia, produced during the Winter of 2013. This first one by Nicolás Guillot y Melisa Aedo, tells the story of the urban statues at the Ramblas, and how the local government displaced them from the top of the Ramblas at […]

Soundslides Projects by my Students in Catalonia

Here are a few examples of the work my masters students in Barcelona, Catalonia, produced during the Spring of 2012. This first project, by Martín Rocca and Gonzalo Sarasqueta, portrays Diego Rey, an Argentine artist working in Barcelona. This second slideshow, by Judit Pedros and Alba Fernández, introduces a local tattoo artist conflicted by her […]

Creating and Saving Black Slides to Use in your Slideshow

For those of you who needed them, here are two tutorials on how to create the black slides for your slideshow projects. The video I shows you how to set up your title, byline and copyright slides and how to save the slides so you can use them in your slideshow project.

A Few Interesting Slideshows to Check Out

Here are four examples of good slideshows I’d like you to watch. The first three were shot and reported by Pulitzer Prize Winner Barbara Davidson. 1- The Ballad of Mateo 2-Frozen and Forgotten 3- Pool Party Here’s a link to Media Storm. They use both video and photography, but the basics of their storytelling is […]

Quick Guide to Soundslides

Here’s a really easy-to-follow tutorial on how to create a slideshow using Soundslides and how to embed it in a WordPress website. Here’s the first video: The second video tells you how to embed a Soundslides project in your WordPress blog. Finally, here you have a link to Soundslides user manual