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Adobe Audition: Three Videos to Hit the Ground Running

These three videos will help you get started with Adobe Audition, an intuitive and powerful non-linear, audio editing platform. In this first video you will learn how to find your files and bring them to Audition, the difference between the “Waveform” and the “Multitrack” windows, and destructive vs. non-destructive audio editing. In this second video […]

A Few Words of Wisdom, by Ira Glass

From our old friend Ira Glass, a few words of wisdom. You should never give up! Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo. The audio is from this video by in which an unedited Glass talks at length about deadlines.   This following video is Glass on storytelling and structure of […]

On Ira Glass and Radio Lab

These two articles discuss some of the techniques and ideas that Ira Glass brought to the world of radio and some of the innovations that Glass himself can see in Radio Lab. Please check out the first piece on Glass, listen to the two first profiles posted by Glass, and discuss what makes these profiles […]

Tips to Produce a Good Radio Story

1. Make your script as clear as you possibly can. What is the story about? How would you tell the same story to your mother, brother or your best friend? 2. Use your own words. You don’t need to sound affected . Use the PRESENT TENSE. 3. Tape your story in interesting places for a nice […]

Radio Exercise

Please listen to these two pieces of radio journalism (A very lucky wind and The Bippolo Seed) and and answer the following questions: a- What are the structural elements in the story (narrator/interviewees/background sound/music) b- What element makes the story move forward? c- How does the reporter integrate his sources to the story? d- What are the […]