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Tips to Produce a Good Radio Story

1. Make your script as clear as you possibly can. What is the story about? How would you tell the same story to your mother, brother or your best friend?

2. Use your own words. You don’t need to sound affected . Use the PRESENT TENSE.

3. Tape your story in interesting places for a nice audio atmosphere. Always remember to record your background sound. These sounds will help you connect your clips and enhance your story.

4. Keep the clips short.

5. Try to feature different voices in your piece. Male and female voices, different accents from different places, and from people of different age.

6. Use music that fits your story. Be mindful of copyright.

7. If available use sound effects. A simple sound effect can go a long way. And you can get sound effects for free on several libraries online.

8. Finally, think carefully about your kicker.

For a few more tips go the BBC Radio, which has fantastic tips for voice overs. BBC has also a nice standard radio script template. Mia Carter’s Radio Journalism 101 also has great tips.