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A Few Photo Tips: Framing and Shooting, Histograms, How to Best Use our Cannon 10Ds

As promised, here are a few links that you may find useful when producing and shooting your stories for a slideshow.

Framing and Shooting

1- Here are some basic tips on how to frame, find angles and shoot your stills. These are recommendations compiled by prof Duy Linh Tu.

Horizontal shots are always preferable to vertical, esp. when you consider our layout and the way slideshows in Soundslides are set up.

Fill your frame. Your subject should take a relevant portion of your frame (1/3 or more? That will depend on your story). It is harder to shoot groups than individuals, so try to anchor your shot on one subject and let the rest be on the background.

Create a narrative with your shots. Make your shots tell a story.

-Apply the Rule of Thirds. 

-Give your  some space to look.



We discussed histograms in class, and how they can help you not only expose your frames, but also edit your photos in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Here’s a good tutorial that can help you to dig a little deeper on how to use your histograms.


About the Cannons 10D

Although most of you will be shooting in full auto, here is an interesting description on the many options you have with your Cannons 10D. It gives tips to improve the way you focus and expose your frames, and offers a detailed description of all the functions available in your camera.