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New Projects from Catalonia (2013)

Here are a few more examples of the work of my masters students in Barcelona, Catalonia, produced during the Winter of 2013.

This first one by Nicolás Guillot y Melisa Aedo, tells the story of the urban statues at the Ramblas, and how the local government displaced them from the top of the Ramblas at Plaza Catalonia, and relocated them closer to the sea.

This second project, by Dea Stojadinowic and Anahí Gallardo, portrays the experiences of a Mexican actress in Barcelona.

A third video by Sebastián Garavelli and Dani Sorolla takes us for a walk into the last Vinyl stores in town.

This fourth video shows the struggle of catalonians who fight evictions to stay in their homes.

The fifth project, by Anna Garbus and Iu Andrés, shows what happens in a small Catalonian chapel in the week of Pope Benedict XVI resignment.

This project by Jenny Olbrich, Piera Carchedi and Alma Zhu portrays Catalan singer actress Olga Fañanás.

Our final slideshow takes us to the Carnaval in Sitges.

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