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A Few Interesting Slideshows to Check Out

Here are four examples of good slideshows I’d like you to watch.

The first three were shot and reported by Pulitzer Prize Winner Barbara Davidson.

1- The Ballad of Mateo

2-Frozen and Forgotten

3- Pool Party

Here’s a link to Media Storm. They use both video and photography, but the basics of their storytelling is audio.

Check out “A Thousand More”┬ástory on Philly Mayer, a young boy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


  1. “Ballad of Mateo” response:

    1. 42 photos in the slideshow.

    2. For the majority of the slideshow, the photos reflected what Mateo was saying in the interview. For example, when he spoke about the recession and how it affected his ability to work, all of the photos were of him in his car. And when he mentioned that he is one of the few white Americans that gets to “see this side of Latino culture,” the photos were of him entertaining people in what appeared to be their home.

    3. To punctuate Mateo’s narration, and signal a change of subject, the slideshow faded to black and there were one or two seconds of silence. This happened twice in the slideshow.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Permalink
  2. Patrick Duprey wrote:

    “The Ballad of Mateo”

    A. I counted 42 different images in the slideshow.

    B. As for the relationship between the audio and the images, they mostly go well together. They complement one another to tell a coherent narrative. When Mateo discusses performing in the restaurant, most of the images that come across the screen are of him actually playing his instrument in a restaurant. Also, when Mateo says that he feels his music provides “therapy” for and brings Latino couples back in time to their youth, he is performing for a Latino family in what appears to be a small house.

    Also, when Mateo stresses a point, the photo narration speeds up. When he discusses how the poor economy caused restaurant traffic to disappear, Mateo says “no people” three consecutive times, and each time, a new photograph of an empty restaurant was displayed.

    C. To punctuate the narration in the different parts of the story, the screen fades to black for a few short seconds, and the audio temporarily stops. This helps organize the slideshow into separate parts, but all of these parts combine to form one story.

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