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Avid Media Composer: Eight Videos to Hit the Ground Running

This series of videos will help you set up your project using AVID Media Composer. Some of the more refined commands will be explained in class, but here are the basic ideas you will need to get started with AVID.

In this video I show you how to set up your AVID user and where to place your files

This second video teaches you how to connect to your files via Avid Media Access and how to navigate your footage in the viewer and the timeline.

The third video shows you how to splice-in and overwrite clips into your timeline.

In this fourth video I show you how to add and manipulate transitions.

This fifth video shows how to add fades and start creating titles with Marquee.

This sixth video will show you how to use Marquee to add titles to your project

In this seventh video you’ll learn how to bring your titles to the timeline and add them to your sequence.

Finally, this eight video teaches you how to export your movie as Quicktime video.