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Soundslides Projects by my Students in Catalonia

Here are a few examples of the work my masters students in Barcelona, Catalonia, produced during the Spring of 2012.

This first project, by Martín Rocca and Gonzalo Sarasqueta, portrays Diego Rey, an Argentine artist working in Barcelona.

This second slideshow, by Judit Pedros and Alba Fernández, introduces a local tattoo artist conflicted by her maternal role.

This project by Ariadna Marrugat and Albert Gandia features an interview with Rugby player James Oliver.

In Jordan Nelson and Alfredo Casas’ piece, two veterinarians talk about their patients (and their owners).

Daniela Caruso and Héctor Leyva visited one of the oldest Catalan cava bars in the city.

In Barcelona, jugglers get together every Wednesday afternoon to practice and learn from each other, in this piece by Paula Acebo and Rosa Brescó.

Camila Pinzón and Teresa González interviewed a group of skaters who train at the Museum of Modern Art of Barcelona (MACBA).

Fencing and architecture merge in David Boldú’s life. And this is featured in this piece by Jessica Bigio and Javier Morera.

Jessica Sauras and Alvaro Murillo talked to Luis Romero, a 81-year-old activist and member of the Catalonian Communist Party.

Clara Berdié,Juan Irigoyen and Marc Martí found Barcelona Fútbol Club’s mythical shoe repairer.

Carmen Hierro Rico and Jessica Mouzo followed Jose Rodríguez, 23-year-old store clerk who feels lucky to still have a full time job in a time of severe unemployment in Spain.

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